Matlab program using dynamic time warping speech r

matlab 语音 识别 程序 使用 动态 时间 规整

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English Description:

Application background based on MATLAB platform, using DTW model to realize a 10 digit Chinese speech recognition. This code uses dynamic time warping technology to recognize speech signals and record them. The key technology dynamic time warping (DTW) algorithm is used to measure the similarity between two time series, which may be different in time or speed. For example, walking pattern similarity is detected using DTW, even if one person walks faster than the other, or if there are observations during acceleration and deceleration. OTA has been applied to time series of video, audio and graphic data - in fact, any data that can be converted into linear series can be analyzed by DTW. A well-known application has automated speech recognition to cope with different speech speeds. Other applications include speaker recognition and online signature recognition